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Kahlo Reincarnated - collection of self-portraits by a contemporary Ukrainian-American woman artist Natasha Sazonova, inspired in part by a very famous woman artist of the past, Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.
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Woman artist self-portraits by a contemporary Ukrainian-American artist and illustrator Natasha Sazonova Woman artist self-portrait as a femme fatale Modern woman artist's self-portrait in the style of Gustav Klimt Ukrainian-American female artist's self-portrait as a Flapper Girl from the 1920s Collage artist self-portrait as a mythical bird Phoenix created from recycled materials Contemporary woman artist self-portrait as Biblical Eve Woman artist self-portrait as an interpretaion of Rene Magritte's painting "the son of man" Artist self-portrait by a Contemporary Ukrainian-American woman artist inspired by Holodomor, Ukrainian famine-genocide of 1932-33 Collage self-portrait by a modern woman artist created by recycling various paper products and by using other recycled materials.  Woman artist self-portrait created from recycled materials Woman artist self-portrait depicting an imaginary meeting between the artist and God Woman artist's self-portrait as Hella, a character from Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita Female artist's collage self-portrait inspired by a prophetic dream the artist had as a child Contemporary woman artist's self-portrait as a wench Modern interpretation of Edvard Munch's famous painting 'the Scream' by a woman artist Natasha Sazonova Woman artist's self-portrait as the angel of death, created from recycled materials

Shattered Colors - series of 'recycled' collage paintings accompanied by the artist's commentary on her art, as well as her thoughts on life, love, death, and everything in between.
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Collage paintings created by recycling various paper products and by using other recycled materials. 
Collage portrait of a Parisian woman from the 1920s Collage portrait of Frida Kahlo created from recycled materials Collage portrait of famous jazz singer Billie Holiday Abstract collage painting Collage portrait from photo of the artist's grandmother Portrait of Dominique Francon, character from Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead" Portrait of the Silent Era movie star Clara Bow Collage portrait of a young woman created by recycling paper materials Collage interpretation of Gustav Klimt's 'the Kiss' Modern collage interpretation of Claude Monet's lily pond painting Collage portrait of a Flapper in a green hat painted from a photo from the 1920s Abstract collage art created by recycling paper Portrait of the Silent Era Hollywood star Viola Dana Recycled collage art

Art DECOdence - humorous illustrations and whimsical watercolors depicting the artist's favorite time period - the Roaring Twenties.
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Watercolor series of the Roaring Twenties Illustrations Retro illustration of 2 couples from the 1920s having a picnic at the Jamestown Rhode Island windmill The Roaring Twenties young couple sitting on a couch enjoying red wine and the company of a Siamese cat Watercolor illustration of a couple from the 1920s Humorous illustration of a couple from the Roaring Twenties depicted as "Adam and Eve" from Albrecht Durer's famous painting Retro illustration of a Flapper girl from the 1920s having tea at an outdoor cafe Whimsical illustration of a cat couple dressed in the 1920s clothes Watercolor illustration of the Roaring Twenties Flapper taking her pet lion on a walk Watercolor illustration of the 1920s couple as the Tarot card "The Lovers" Retro illustration of a couple from the 1920s meeting for the first time in a Chinese garden Whimsical illustration of dancing cow couple dressed in the 1920s clothes Watercolor illustration of a Flapper from the Roaring Twenties hanging out with her 2 cats Illustration of the 1920s Flapper sun bathing

L'art pour L'art - oil paintings in a variety of styles on a variety of subjects, ranging from tea-drinking angels tangerines lounging in antique chairs...

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Collection of expressionistic paintings by a contemporary Ukrainian-American female artist Expressionistic humorous portrait of a Socialite couple Oil painting of a readhead ballerina in Expressionism style Expressionism style oil painting of a seated woman Expressionistic oil painting of a nude African-American woman Tasteful erotic painting in the style of El Greco Semi-abstract mixed media painting created from recycled materials Expressionistic oil painting of a woman holding a white Persian cat Expressionistic oil painting of a transvestite male in a corset Expressionistic painting of an angel drinking tea

Series of Expressionistic oil paintings by a modern artist Expressinism style recycled art painting of man Oil painting of 2 ballerinas in the style of Modigliani Expressionistic painting of a dancing couple Recycled art painting of a flower nymph Painting of a crying bride Expressionistic still life with a green chair, dress form and 2 tangerines Expressionistic painting of a Ukrainian woman in a traditional poppy headwreath Painting of a Ukrainian Flapper with poppies in her hair Portrait of a Ukrainian woman in Art Noveau style

Genre Illos - genre watercolor art covering everything from family trees to modern art exhibits.
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Contemporary American watercolor illustrations Watercolor illustration of a New England town with traditional colonial style architecture Humorous illustration depicting a backyard bbq Watercolor illustration of a family tree with portraits of all the family members Retro illustration of a man about to propose in a restaurant Humorous illustration of a middle age couple on a first date Humorous illustration of pseudo-sophisticated people at an art show Illustration as a social commentary on animal rights Watercolor illustration of a couple's first dance at a ball Social commentary illustration of the obesity problem in America Watercolor illustration of a woman reading

Cow Parade, etc. - Painted Sculptures from Public (Outdoor) Art Exhibits that the artist has participated in throughout the years.
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Outdoor Public art events Cow Parade West Hartford 2003 Cow Parade Boston 2006 with Matilda de Cow's Cow Parade diaries Cow Parade West Hartford 2007 Heartbeat of the community outdoor public art event Paws for a Cause outdoor public art exhibit

Meet the Artist - this one is kinda self-explanatory.

Natasha's Art Manifesto
Artist Biography (short version)
Natasha's Art resume
Artist Biography (long version)

Commissioned Art - Information on how to commission or purchase paintings from Natasha Sazonova, as well as other artists.

Why invest in art?
Unique Art Gift ideas for special occasions
How to commission a portrait from photo
Family tree paintings from photos of your family members