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Family tree portrait painted from actual photos of the family members.  Created as a unique gift for a couple's 60th anniversary.  Family tree features the couple at the bottom of the tree with all of their descendants sitted on the branches above them
**to enlarge: click this example of a couple's custom family tree
given to them by their descendants as a unique anniversary present**

Family tree paintings from your photos

Family tree (genealogical tree) paintings is a tradition going back centuries to the European royalty and nobility. Back then, only the very rich could afford a customized piece of art to pass on to their descendants. However, a lot has changed since then, and nowadays there are many options for an everyday person to have a custom family tree painted. While most services offer a painting of a tree with one's family member's names, DOBs, etc. on it, I offer customized family tree paintings created from the actual photos of your family (past and present) alongside each person's information.

In each one of the family tree paintings I create, I try to make sure that not only each family member's likeness is accurately portrayed, but so is his/her personality. I work with my customers so they can give me ideas as to what best represents the people I'm painting, be it their hobbies, objects that hold some special meaning to them, their pets, favorite colors, professional attire, etc. The result is usually a fun, humorous portrayal of their clan that will bring a smile to their descendants for generations to come, as well as let them get to know each one of their ancestors from a very personal perspective.

Humorous, ancestral family tree painted from the actual photos of the family members past and present.
**to enlarge: click this example of an ancestral family tree from photos**

Unfortunately, while many people have photographs of their ancestors they might not have enough knowledge of their lives.

Fortunately, my area of expertise covers history, as well as history of fashion and traditional costumes, so I'll be able to fill in certain blanks for you. Granted, an accurate portrayal of your Bulgarian great-grandmother's wedding attire or your great-grandfather's World War I British army uniform won't bring forth their personality… However, historically accurate outfits and other objects will make your family tree painting look more authentic, , and fun to look at! Just imagine your great-great-grandchildren looking at all the cool little details a hundred years from now and imagining you when you were their age (or alive…).

Anscestral family tree painting created from actual photos of a child's family members.  Family tree painting makes a special and unique birthday gift for a child's first birthday or baptism.
**click this example of a family tree painting to enlarge it**

I hope I have already convinced you that a family tree painting is a wonderful present to give yourself, and consequently to generations of your descendants. Still, I must also mention that a painted genealogical tree makes a wonderful gift for any special occasion, such as your grandparents 50th anniversary, your sister's son's first birthday or baptism, your brother's wedding, etc. If everyone in your family chips in, getting your family tree painted is more than affordable, and much more special than some impersonal gift you may find in a store.

So lets say you're ready to order a family tree painting. To make the process as flawless as possible try to gather the following:

Good photos of each family member (several photos, if possible). Please label all the files by the person's name to make it easier for me to understand who is who.

A clear explanation as to how everyone is related is important, so I can arrange the branches of your family tree in the right order.

A little description of each person, such as their profession, hobbies, or whatever else you think is important to describe who they are.

If you would like me to include everyone's name, DOB, etc. please provide all that information as well.

For more information on the family tree art (prices, special, etc.) please refer to: http://familytreeforyou.com/

*To contact Natasha please use "Artist contact form" or email Natasha directly at: artnsus@gmail.com

"To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die.
Thomas Campbell

"Why waste your time and money looking up your family tree? Just go into politics and your opponents will do it for you!"
Mark Twain

"Family is not an important thing. It's everything."
Michael J. Fox