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Illustration depicting Biblical Adam and Eve as a couple from the 1920s. Based on Albrecht Durer's 'Adam and Eve' painting.
**click illustration to enlarge**
(watercolor on paper, 4X12 each part of the diptych, 2008)

"Adam and Eve a la the 1920's"

My illustration of Adam and Eve from the Roaring Twenties is a fun take on Albrecht Durer's "Adam and Eve" painting. For centuries the subject of the first man and woman was taken more than seriously. Poor women were blamed for Eve's behavior and for the human race's banishment from the Garden of Eden. Who in their right mind could possibly believe that a woman would do such a thing, as to taste something forbidden to her and then manipulate her man to follow her example, right?

I, personally, see the whole Adam and Eve story as a good educational fable. For example, if you're a woman don't trust the first long slimy thing that comes along and promises to introduce you to some amazing knowledge, and if you're a man think twice when your significant other tells you to taste something that will open your eyes to things you wouldn't even dream of knowing. The moral of the story is: sometimes it's just better to remain in the dark...

"Conversation between Adam and Eve must have been difficult at times because they had nobody to talk about."
Agnes Repplier

"Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent and the serpent didn't have a leg to stand on."

"It all goes back, of course, to Adam and Eve -a story which shows among other things, that if you make a woman out of a man, you are bound to get into trouble."
Carol Gilligan