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UConn Husky Fan, a painted fiberglass husky dog dressed from head to paw in UConn gear

Paws for a Cause (Windsor 2009)*

My latest adventure into the world of 3D art involved two adorable dogs that I created for "Paws for a Cause” a public art exhibit coming to the town of Windsor (Connecticut) in the summer of 2009. The exhibit/fundraiser will benefit Windsor Education Foundation programs and grants.

I named the bigger of two dogs, a husky – “Husky Fan”. “Husky Fan” is a tribute to all fans of the UConn Huskies. The husky is a proud supporter of great men and women shooting a basketball, kicking a soccer ball or throwing a football on one of UConn’s many great teams. It’s an embodiment of Connecticut’s Yankee spirit, a sense of pride, a winning image that brings youngsters to consider enrolling at UConn. Dressed from head to paw in UConn gear the Husky Fan was created to bring a smile to every Connecticut resident and to remind them that sports is something that brings people together and sparks passion in a desire for success.

The smaller dog I painted is a dachshund. I named it “All-American hot dog”. The dog was designed to remind people that America used to be an agricultural society and that many Windsor residents relied on agriculture as the means to support themselves. Dressed in an outfit associated with American farmers the dog is meant to bring out the feelings of patriotism and pride in people, while reminding them about their roots.

*visit Paws for a Cause webpage

UConn Husky University of Connecticut Husky
All American hot dog Daschund dog
**click dogs to enlarge**